GR Qty and cost based on PO qty and price control

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“Qty and Unit Cost value only allow to be equal or below as compare to Purchase Order”
  1. This routine is to control good receiving only can accept equal or below value of purchase order quantity and unit price.
  2. To activate this control, ensure the BackEnd.exe is using modified date 23/11/2020 11:56AM And SQL> RC_BACK > PATH table > CTRLGRQTY=1
Picture 1
  1. Picture 1 > Circle-a and Circle-c represent PO quantity and unit price (VPC).
  2. When call PO > user are allowed to enter quantity value (circle-b) either equal or below value of Purchase Order quantity (circle-a). the same logic applies to unit cost (VPC) (cirlce-c) against GR Cost (cirlce-d).
  3. If above value for both quantity and unit price > system will prompt error message and stop this GRN being released. (refer circle-e)
  4. Done.