Rounding -Due to unit cost division

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Due to base unit on product is smallest. Example: A carton consists of 6 packs. Price for RM 148.57 per carton divided into 6 pack equals to RM 24.56. When issue PO, RM 24.56 is issued. This creates issue on Good Receiving due to Vendor Price Control (VPC). The extra +/- shall be entered under rounding.
Picture 1
  1. Due to PO (Picture 1) unit price entered as smallest unit (RM 24.56), when against supplier invoice on item total, there is a different of RM 0.01 when this PO loaded into Good Receiving (refer Picture 2 > Circle-a and b).
  2. To handle this, kindly enter the exceed RM 0.03 at Rounding box (circle-c).
Picture 2