2. Print Location ID and Setup

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LocationPrint is to generate location ID and slip for stock take procedure
Import :
there are 3 level of defining stock take.

Zone – area of stock take, it could be coldroom, childroom, shelve, gondola.
Bay -Each block or column for stock
Level- Layer of 1 bay or column or gondola. normally, 1 gondola has 4 or 5 level. (Unless is needed, otherwise use “1” to indicate all.
Picture 1
  1. LocationPrint > use this application to generate location ID for stock take/ cycle count.
  2. Click / Touch on the blue tile button (circle-b) > Prefix will shown as per selected character (circle-a).
  3. Select the number range from and to. Example: you want to print R01 to R10 > Select “10” at TO (circle-c).
  4. If you only have 1 bay number, just leave FROM 01 TO 01. Otherwise, you can select Number that you want at TO (cirlce-c).
  5. If LEVEL is applicable, select number range FROM 01 TO 04 if you need 4 levels.
  6. Click PRINT to generate location slip (circle-d).
  7. Note: Number range will be multiplied by each level. Example: R01 TO 10, BAY01 TO 08 and LEVEL 00 TO 00; once PRINT is clicked. System will print 10R x 8B = 80 slips.
Picture 2
  1. For initial setup > Go to LocationPrint Folder > open XMLDirectory.XML into Notepad.
  2. Change the Printer name to correct receipt printer (circle-a).
  3. <<NumberRange>> is list of number that will show on the user screen. By default, it always 50. In case you required more, change it to 100 or designated number (circle-b).
  4. <<ExtraPrefix>> is to give personalize alphabet to indicator your stock take zone.