1. Assign Stock Take / Cycle Count ID

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Before start Full Stock Take / Cycle Count, system will need ID to represent each stock take.
Picture 1
  1. To initial Stock Take ID > Go to BackEnd > Transaction > Stock Take > Assign Stock Take Number (circle-a).
Picture 2
  1. Click Add (cirlce-a)> Enter Description > “FULL TAKE” + DDMMYYYY
  2. Select type of stock take (circle-d), Full Stock Take will reset all balance and Cycle Count will only affects selected items. Usually cycle count can be perform every month. Full Stock Take only once a year or twice.
  3. Tick on Active (cirlce-e) to indicate current active stock take number for stock take module or terminal to load stock take data.
  4. click “Save” to complete ID.
  5. To look back previously created stock take number, click Edit.