Parent and Child for items with individual OHB – Bundaberg Pack vs Bottle

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This case study is for handling issue occurred when item has individual OHB and always confused with Parent and Child concept.
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  1. When item has individual OHB (stock On Hand Balance), which also refer to order separately, item received separately and sell separately.
  2. Purchase order should raised with different order quantity as 2 item in a purchase order.
  3. Example: 1 pack of Bundaberg Root Beer and 1 bottle of Bundaberg Root Beer. When stock receiving, 2 items will received into OHB based on Pack and Bottle’s product code or barcode.
  4. However, after items received into warehouse. operation decided to sell pack as loose pack due to shortage on bottle Bundaberg Root Beer. Parent and Child is not applicable in this scenario.
  5. Operation will need to do stock adjustment to reduce pack quantity (withdrawn from pack balance), and adjust to increase quantity on bottle.
  6. After step 5 is performed, shop floor can start selling item as bottle by using bottle’s barcode.