Parent And Child For Portioning

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Parent And Child for portioning conversion is used to group deduction of quantity unit sold from parent to child OHB.

Child Code : Item that got OHB impact. (Allow receiving and issuing)

Parent Code : Item that has no OHB but in sales (only issuing)

Note : Quantity received into child product code and sell in parent product code.
Picture 1
  1. Go to Master File > Product > Search for Parent Product Code
  2. Retrieve parent product code
  3. Assign child product code (refer circle-b).
  4. Assign fraction for KG to KG is set to 1 (refer circle-c) , more example, refer to table below (refer Picture 2).
  5. A warning message will prompt for value=1. click “OK” to ignore.
  6. Click “Save”.
Picture 2