TS: Cannot find PO at outlet after day-end-process

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For Good Receiving with VPC, user need to receive stock based on PO. However, PO cannot be found after Day End.
  1. There will be several reason why a PO cannot be found at Good Receiving screen.
  2. First, make sure Day Process F and G is run successfully without any error.
  3. Re-check PO over Good Receiving Screen.
  4. If PO still not available, do as following.
  5. Login to Cloud server, recall previous issued PO.
  6. Kindly ensure the highlighted information is correct and available.
    1. Check on correct store, wrong store will not be able to recall the PO (circle-a).
    2. Check on Status, it must be in “Release” (circle-b).
    3. Check on button, all must in suspended mode (circle-c).
  7. If problem still persist, kindly refer to support for further checking.
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