Set member price via product maintenance

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When member/customer account entered at POS counter, POS will take current price to deduct pre-defined member price for discounted value.

Note : Only applicable for POS.exe modified date after 20/08/2020 onwards.
Picture 1
  1. Go to Master File > Enter product code or barcode. > Press Tab Key
  2. After product detail retrieved, Click on “Member Price” button (refer circle-a).
  3. Define start and end date for price validity, thereafter, price will resumed back to normal selling price.
  4. Enter Unit Price offered for member.
  5. Select “Promotion Price” at dropdown list.
  6. Click “Save” to update system (refer circle-c).
  7. Done.
Picture 2
  1. Picture 2 illustrated cashier counter screen while member price activated.
  2. Discount line shown total value saved from member price (refer circle-a).
  3. Total discounted value given for this order (refer circle-b).
  4. Function key F9, routine for membership at cashier counter (refer circle-c).