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By default, released PO will be archived from user screen. This is to give cleaner view on pending PO.

  1. Menu > Transaction > Purchase Order
  2. On Purchase Order (VPC) > Click Edit (refer circle-a)
  3. Click on “#” button to get PO list (refer to circle-b)
  4. At Seek Purchase order > Select type of preferred PO (refer circle-c)
    • All = Show all purchase order
    • Released = Show released purchase order only (Approved PO)
    • Not Released = Pending PO (Not released or pending for approval)
  5. If you know the PO number, you may filter based on selection below
    • PONO = Search by purchase order number
    • Vendor Code = Search by vendor code (supplier code)
    • Vendor Name = Search by vendor name (supplier name)
  6. Double click on the order line to select the preferred PO to print.
  7. Click Print.
  8. Done!
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