Print contest form at end of receipt

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Receipt base contest form will print at customer receipt when parameter is met.
Picture 1
  • At Picture 1, it shows sample when purchase amount meet the preset value, contest form will print at the bottom of receipt.(circle-a)


Picture 2
  1. Go to RCBackEnd (Picture 2) > POS > POS Message 2
  2. Click at each datagrid line to initiate new text line.
  3. End your text or draw line each line at a time. If want to keep blank, enter space > at this time, “*” will appear at bottom line. >Click at new line to enter text.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you enter all your detail.
  5. To set value for qualified contest form, enter amount at circle-b.
  6. Click close.
  7. Re-open POS Message 2 to confirm the detail is save and display correctly.
  8. At cashier counter> logout and login again to download latest POS message 2.
  9. To confirm whether you have download successfully, you may also run this small program at C:\POSSQL\POSConfig.exe (refer Picture 3) > Select POS Receipt (circle-a) > Check detail at second section (circle-b).
Picture 3