HQ BackEnd Auto-Scheduler Setting

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Auto-Scheduler routine is used for executing BackEnd Process at scheduled time.

Two Types of Process :

1 : Day End Process A,B & C

2 : Day End Process B&C

Note:  Ensure Backend_sst.exe is at modified date >= 19/08/2020 3.50PM to able to run this function.
Picture 1
  1. Create a basic task scheduler via Windows Task Scheduler (refer Picture 1). on how to create task refer to Task Scheduler.
Picture 2
  1. Create basic task > define all Task Scheduler parameter till “Start a Program” (refer Picture 2).
  2. Allocate the Backend-sst.exe executable file (refer circle-a).
  3. Define “/ADE1#18:00:00” (refer circle-b).
  4. For argument definition (refer picture 3).
Picture 3
  1. Timer countdown is to show time elapse between current system time towards process time defined (refer circle-b).