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Before adding new product, understand 2 types of product.

Non-Scale Product is for normal item.

Scale Product is for item that required barcode label from digital weighing scale. Either sell by piece or weight (KG/Grams)

  1. Go to menu > Master File > Product.
  2. Select product type > system will auto generate product code > click “OK”
    1. 1xxxxxx code range for non-scale type.
    2. 201xxxx code range for digital weighing scale required.
  3. Enter product description, refer circle-a.
  4. Click “#” to select sub class (Product Hierarchy)> from DataGrid (How-To Select), refer circle-b.
  5. Select drop-down list for UOM (unit of measurement), refer to circle-c.
  6. Enter cost and price (if don’t know, enter 1), refer circle-d.
  7. Select drop-down list for Tax Code (either ZR or SR), refer circle-e.
  8. “Update OHB” always ticked. If product is refer to consignment and non-stock, unticked for no OHB. refer circle-h
  9. Click “Save” to complete.
  10. Done.